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Uploading Product Images

To Add Product Images:

These are the steps to add a product image that has not been uploaded previously to the store within the product itself. There are instructions for uploading the Images first under Manage > Image and Assets elsewhere in the help files. Select the location of the file on your computer and automatically re-size it into three different images. When finished you will have a product icon, thumbnail, and standard size product image.

TIP:  For best results, you should upload a JPG, PNG or GIF image that is at least 500 pixels wide. If your image is much larger I would recommend that you re-size it in an Image editing program such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro prior to upload.

  1. From the left-column menu, click the Images and Assets tab.

  2. Click the UPLOAD IMAGE button.

Tip:  If you have a high-quality images with a large pixel size, I would recommend re-sizing that image in a photo editor program before you upload to your ePayTrak site. You might find it helpful if your image is approximately 500 pixels wide, to upload it separately and not allow ePayTrak to re-size that image.

I would normally recommend that you upload your images under Manage > Images and Assets. Then you can choose what folder your image will reside, you don't have the choice if you upload your image at the product level.


  1. Click the BROWSE button to select a new image from your local hard drive.

  2. After selecting the image, click in the Save as field in MS Windows. This will automatically enter the name of your image. You can change the file name if you want.

  3. To improve performance of your pages, you can adjust the image Quality of a JPG, to reduce the file size. It may be necessary to experiment with image quality percentages to obtain a reasonable file size and maintain image quality on-screen. You can also use a thumbnail for the Standard Size if the quality of the image is poor, or you prefer a smaller image on the screen as described below.

  4. Click the UPLOAD button and wait a moment for processing to complete.  

  1. When the upload of your image is complete, you will be shown the three image sizes generated for this product. This Soccer Participation Product is shown on the ePayTrak demo site.

  1. To edit the images, click the Pick or Edit Images button.


  1. If you would like to change the images, you can do it here. For example, if your Standard Image is not of the best quality or is larger than you would like, you can change the Standard Image to a thumbnail. You can change the image in two ways. You can edit the Standard image by adding a '_t' to the image name so it is the same as the Thumbnail image. Or click the browse Binoculars to find the thumbnail image in the Asset Manager.

  2. If you have additional product images to add, just click the ADDITIONAL IMAGES button to upload them one at a time. You will be given the option to re-size and adjust image quality, however, only one image will be created for each upload.

You can also upload several images at once by going to the Manage > Images and Assets area.  If you do this, then you can choose the Pick or Edit Images button from the Product's Images and Assets pages. By uploading the images in this section, you have the ability to organize your image in the Product Images folder or you can create your own folder.


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