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This chapter is reference on how to create different types of payment methods that you will accept for your store. Each type of payment method collects information from your customer and is stored securely in the Authorize.net database.  

You can process electronic payments, such as credit cards and electronic checks, using a payment gateway. A payment gateway is an integration provided by ePayTrak that allows you to connect to your merchant account. It takes the place of a stand-alone credit card terminal and gives you the ability to process credit cards over the internet safely and securely.   

Our newest feature is the ability to utilize more than one bank account for your ePayTrak site. Using  new gateways, you can assign a bank at the product level.


To Find the Payment Setup page:

  1. Mouse-over the Configure menu item and then click on Payments.

  1. This will bring you to the Payment Setup page.

  2. To go to the Payment Methods page, click the Methods link.  

Note: Gateways are configured by ePayTrak support personnel prior to your site going 'live'. If you wish to make any changes, please contact ePayTrak Technical Support.  


This chapter covers the following sections:
  • Payment Methods - Reference guide to create payment methods.

  • Multiple Banks - Information for having multiple bank accounts for your ePayTrak site.


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