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Shipping Methods

With ePayTrak you can setup your own custom shipping methods. Use a Flat Rate, or variable with a matrix using Order Totals, Order Weight, or Quantity of items purchased. We are going to add a new Flat Rate Custom method which is the simplest and most used of all shipping methods. Your site will be pre-configured by ePayTrak personnel prior to your site going live. You will only need to select the correct warehouse at the product level.

To Add a Shipping Method:

  1. From the Configure menu, go to Configure > Shipping > Methods

  1. Type in Flat Rate in the Name section in the Add Custom Method at the lower left.

  2. Click Add.

You will see the screen below.  

We will need to fill in the rest of the necessary information.

  1. The Ship Rate we will leave at zero. We are going to use the Ship Cost field at the Product level for the rates.

  2. We aren't going to add a separate handling fee in this example. We will include that in our Ship Cost field from the Product Setup.

  3. By default, All Zones are selected. We will use that setting.

  4. We are going to use a Selected Warehouse that we created earlier. Click in the Radio button of Selected Warehouses.

  1. Select Book Warehouse Taxable Products as the Warehouse by clicking on it.

  2. By default, All Groups is selected. We will use that setting and that is recommended.

  3. Minimum Purchase we will leave blank.

  4. Tax Code, click the Drop-down and select taxable because we want to assign this shipping method to a taxable product.

Note:  It is recommended that you use a separate Warehouse for your taxable and shippable products.

  1. Click the Save button.

  2. You now see the Book Warehouse Taxable Products in the list.  You have completed creating a new Flat Rate shipping method.

Other Shipping Methods have similar steps and procedures.  

Shipping will already be configured for you by ePayTrak Tech Support when your site goes 'live'. Contact Tech Support if you wish to change any shipping configurations.

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