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For mPOS Event sales, one of the hardware items that must be configured is the socket scanner.


We are currently using Bluetooth connected wireless CHS 8ci Socket mobile scanners as shown below. This scanner also has a clip that attaches it to your iPod device or iPhone. Very handy in a mobile location like a football field.

These scanners will be used in conjunction with ePayTrak Door Entry app to scan bar code receipts to allow entry into a theatre or sporting event.

Configuring scanners with the iPod.

  • Make sure scanner is well charged. (initial charge is 4 hours prior to use)

  • Turn on the scanner by holding the power button on the right until it beeps. You should see a blue light flashing to indicate the unit is operating and is in discoverable mode.

When Bluetooth is activated on your device (iPod) and the scanner is in discoverable mode, Bluetooth pairing will begin. When the two devices recognize each other, they can pair.

Once that have paired, it is necessary to connect the two devices.

Go to Settings on the iPod. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on. The image below indicates that Bluetooth is turned off.

When it is turned on, you will see a screen similar to this. Your iPod is searching for devices.


If the scanner is turned on, the iPod should recognize it. However, if it is very slow to recognize the scanner, then you can scan the bar code below to help the process along for your iOS device. This is only required for the first time you connect the scanner to your device.

You can also attempt to re-boot the scanner. Hold the power key on the right side and the scanner button in the center until you hear a beep. Wait a few seconds and restart. This can often resolve the issue and is a handy way to reset the socket scanners.

The scanner has recognized the device as shown below, but the device is still not connected.


When it is connected, you see a screen similar to the one below.

As you can see, the Socket Scanner is now connected and ready to scan.

You can test your scanner by opening the app Notes on your iPod. You can try a few scans there, you should see a number appear within the Notes app.


If you are having issues with the scanner not working correctly, you can tap the Reset Scanner link on your screen. That should resolve most issues.

For example, the screen below shows the keyboard within the screen shot. This indicates that either the scanner isn't recognized by the iPod in Bluetooth settings or that the power is off on the scanner. If your scanner were being recognized by the device, the keyboard should NOT be visible.

There is a bar code in the Socket Mobile scanner manual for a factory reset. That will reset the factory settings and should also help. You can also scan this code with your Socket Mobile scanner to reset to factory default.

Occasionally, the scanners are 'stubborn' and not be recognized correctly by the iOS device. If scanning the above bar code didn't help resolve the issue, there are several other steps that you can take.

If the scanner device is showing on your iPOD, then remove it with these steps.

  • On your iOS device, tap Settings to open.

  • Tap Bluetooth. You see this Bluetooth settings page.

  • Tap the button.

You have the option to Forget This Device.  

  • Tap Forget This Device to continue.


You then see this...

  • Tap Forget Device near the bottom of screen to confirm.

That removes the device. You then need to reconnect the devices following the steps near the top of this page.

That should resolve the issue.


TIP:  Below are some additional tips for pairing the iOS and your mobile socket scanner.

In most cases, if the scanner is paired with a device, you should unpair it before trying to connect to a new device.

  • Power on the scanner. (THE BLUE LIGHT ON BACK SHOULD BE BLINKING.)

  • Press and hold down the trigger button. (KEEP IT HELD DOWN)

  • Then press and hold down the power. (TWO BUTTONS HELD DOWN AT THE SAME TIME)

  • After you hear three beeps, release both buttons. (THIS IS THE KEY - LISTEN FOR THE THREE BEEPS, AND RETRY THE STEPS UNTIL YOU HEAR THE THREE BEEPS IN A ROW) I had to try this several times to get the correct sequence, it's not easy to tell when the scanner is on or off...

The mobile scanner will unpair and automatically power off. The next time you power on the mobile scanner, it will be discoverable. Then pair them again in the Bluetooth settings page.


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